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First Communion Classes

 First Communion Classes
Faith Formation  classes begin with Grade Pre-K, age 5yrs.  As with the regular school setting, the student is then promoted to 1st Grade, age 6.  From here the student is promoted to 2nd Grade where he/she will be prepared for making their first holy communion.  Most of the students fall in this category. 
If your child registers for the first time as a 1st grader, he must complete 1st Grade,  with good attendance.  He must know from memory The Sign of the Cross, The Our Father, and the Hail Mary.  Your child will then be promoted to 2nd Grade, where he/she will be prepared for making their First Holy Communion.
If your child registers for Faith Formation for the first time and is in 2nd Grade, age 7or 8, he/she will not be enrolled in the 2nd Grade.  He/She will be enrolled in 3rd grade to receive one full year of  the basics and to learn the common prayers, such as, The Our Father, Hail Mary, etc.  Then the student will be able to enroll in the First Communion class next school year.
After the students make their First Communion, they should continue coming to Faith Formation classes.  They would now enter 3rd Grade, then 4th Grade, and so on, just like their regular schooling.  This helps prepare the students for the Sacrament of  Confirmation. 

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